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Bon Avenir Realty Development Corporation

Bon Avenir Realty Development Corporation is a trusted real estate development corporation located in Taytay, Rizal. 

With sixteen years in real estate development, they provide their clients with expert real estate investment tips and advice. 

Part of their advocacy is to get more Filipinos to make wise investments and build their dream homes. 

From buying the land to construction, Bon Avenir ensures that clients make investments that last a lifetime.

A2Z Seller Care

A2Z Seller Care is a full-service team of experts helping Amazon FBA sellers increase their profit margins and scale up to become a six to eight-figure eCommerce business. 

Their expertise in growing an Amazon business through strategic PPC management helps eCommerce entrepreneurs hit targets and create real profit. 

A2Z Care aims to help clients focus on scaling their business and make their dream life a reality.

Casa Bella Events Place

Casa Bella Events Place is a premier event venue located in Taytay, Rizal. 

A hidden gem in the heart of Rizal, Casa Bella Events Place provides an elegant venue for monumental events. 

Casa Bella Events Place opens its doors and lets you experience European-inspired designs with the comforts of home. 

Celebrate your most precious moments like no other at Casa Bella Events Place.

Eli Abela

ELi Abela Biohacking Coach

Eli Abela is the first Certified Bulletproof Human Potential and Vitality Coach in the Philippines. 

She combines conventional life coaching with unconventional holistic mind and body techniques. 

As a Bulletproof Human Potential and Vitality Coach, she helps peak performers exceed their limits and unleash their full potential through biohacking techniques. 

Get the remedy you need to help you maximize your mind and body’s performance.

Jan Briones

Janellyn Briones

Janellyn Briones is the founder and CEO of Connected by Humans and JB & Associates PH

She helps freelancers and entrepreneurs build and nurture relationships and consistently generate qualified leads through LinkedIn and social media lead generation strategies. 

She also loves connecting people and helps connect business owners with pre-vetted freelancers. 

Learn more about her services today.

Glennis Nitafan image

Glennis DR Nitafan

Glennis Nitafan is a wealth and property management coach who helps Filipino investors connect with the best real estate brokers in the Philippines. 

As a PRC licensed real estate broker, his goal is to help Filipinos get access to better financial opportunities through real estate. 

Learn more about him today.

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